Publikationen 2022

COVID-19 Vaccination Intent, Barriers and Facilitators in Healthcare Workers: Insights from a Cross-Sectional Study on 2500 Employees at LMU University Hospital in Munich, Germany.
Zhelyazkova A, Kim S, Klein M, Prueckner S, Horster S, Kressirer P, Chouker A, Coenen M, Adorjan K.
Vaccines. 2022;10(8).

Are We Prepared for the Next Pandemic? Management, Systematic Evaluation and Lessons Learned from an In-Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Centre for Healthcare Workers. Zhelyazkova A, Adorjan K, Kim S, Klein M, Prueckner S, Kressirer P, Chouker A, Coenen M, Horster S.
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19(23).

Duplicated Reality for Co-located Augmented Reality Collaboration. IEEE Trans Vis
Yu K, Eck U, Pankratz F, Lazarovici M, Wilhelm D, Navab N.
Comput Graph. 2022;28(5):2190-200.

Registries in acute care What can they provide?
Wnent J, Trentzsch H, Lefering R.
Notfall Rettungsmed. 2022;25(6):412-8.

Safety management in times of crisis: Lessons learned from a nationwide status-analysis on German intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Schmidt M, Lambert SI, Klasen M, Sandmeyer B, Lazarovici M, Jahns F, Trefz LC, Hempel G, Sopka S.
Front Med. 2022;9.

Position of trauma surgery in emergency medicine.
Nohl A, Trentzsch H, Bieler D, Peters J, Pieske O, Brune B, Dudda M, Hartensuer R.
Unfallchirurgie. 2022.

Consistent implementation of dispatch assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation Quality management in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
Marung H, Lohs T, Pruckner S, Neumayr A, Baubin M.
Notfall Rettungsmed. 2022;25(6):398-400.

Telephone Resuscitation: Self-assessments often prove Futile.
Marung H, Lohs T, Pruckner S, Neumayr A, Baubin M.
Notfall Rettungsmed.

Dietary Supplementation Before, During and After Pregnancy: Results of the Cluster-Randomized GeliS Study.
Geyer K, Günther J, Hoffmann J, Spies M, Raab R, Zhelyazkova A, Rose I, Hauner H.
Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd. 2022;82(07):736-46.

Differences between emergency medical services operations with and without patient transport A retrospective analysis of dispatch center data in a territorial state.
Dax F, Trentzsch H, Lazarovici M, Hegenberg K, Kneissl K, Hoffmann F, Pruckner S.
Bundesgesundheitsblatt-Gesund. 2022;65(10):996-1006.

Complaints management in integrated dispatch centers-Between the poles of norm and practice.
Dax F, Degener V, Fabrizio M.
Notfall Rettungsmed. 2022.

Measureable quality improvement-where to start? Best practice examples from the EMS and in-hospital perspective.
Baubin M, Lohs T, Marung H, Pruckner S.
Notfall Rettungsmed. 2022;25(6):373-4.


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